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A.H. Beard Mattresses

For more than 100 years, Australia’s A.H. Beard has been the premier supplier of best-in-class luxury mattresses throughout the world. Now that same luxury bed is available in the U.S. When you sleep on an A.H. Beard high-end mattress system, you can rest assured that we have put all of our attention and care into every last stitch.

  • Quality Innovation – Look inside every A.H. Beard bed and you’ll find multi-tiered micro coil technology, enabling each spring to move independently for body-conforming comfort and minimal partner disturbance. Built to last and designed to cater to every kind of sleeper.  Each Mattress is made with the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that has offered Australia a blissful night’s sleep since 1911
  • Timeless Detail – The forgotten arts of hand tufting are alive and well, and applied into every A.H. Beard Signature mattress, for quality that you can feel as well as see.
  • Cotton Upholstery – Natural Cotton, is not only for additional comfort, but it is a Thermo Barrier to dissipate heat.
  • Natural Fibers for Inside-Out Luxury – Handmade with the world-class support system and Australian natural fibers such as Cashmere Natural Cotton and New Zealand Wool to form a bed of luxurious comfort.